The WeiBo microblogging service (along with WeChat) is the main channel of communication with the Chinese audience and today has more than 700 million users - mainly residents of China.

The WeiBo service allows users to publish and share media content, comment on posts, subscribe to other users (bloggers) and has all the basic functions of any Western social network.

Weibo as an online tool to promote your project and bring attention to your brand

Weibo allows you to create a personal account and maintain your own blog, publish interesting content and attract the desired target audience. Any user can subscribe to your updates, recommend you, or “repost” your published content, which will attract even more subscribers to your WeiBo account. Thanks to the built-in advertising tools, your account may pop up for other users as recommended (relevant to other user interests) and appear in the general WeiBo news feed. WeiBo allows you to “rack up” subscribers, including organic traffic, which contributes to an indexation of the account in the search results. Simply put, your account becomes easier to find and it is seen more by WeiBo users.


WeiBo has a lot of specific theme-focused customers with an audience of hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers - these are bloggers whose topics may be similar to the subject of your business. A blogger can talk about your project - recommend you to their subscribers by making a repost, or publish information about you on their page.


Infrastructure and promotion

We register official accounts at WeiBo and create company profiles

We create content for publications corresponding to the theme of your project

We work with WeiBo advertising tools

We process incoming requests and user comments

We form a pool of opinion leaders relevant to your project and coordinate content placement

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