An ICP license is required for all websites (including landing pages), which are hosted in mainland China, and constitutes a numeric identifier located in the "basement” of the site. By the license number, the place of registration of the site - city or province - and the type of license are easily determined. Without an ICP license, your site may be subject to blocking and entered in the registry of prohibited or undesirable websites. In addition, you will not be able to use paid promotion services in the largest search engines in China, for example, contextual advertising in Baidu. An ICP license registration is only available for residents of the Republic of China - physical or legal entities. Each Web resource requires a unique license, and if you have multiple sites, you need to register each license for each site separately.

Most foreign websites encounter challenges when becoming accessible in China, including:

Slow loading - restrictions on incoming foreign Internet traffic

Not appearing in search results - your website’s rating on Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine, depends on the availability of the website, as well as how quickly it opens

The risk of getting blocked - not having a mandatory website license (ICP)


ICP licenses are divided into commercial (ICP证 zhèng) and standard (ICP备案 bèi àn). A commercial license is required for information portals distributing information on the Chinese Internet (press and mass media) and sites that are involved in e-commerce and/or are responsible for storing data; for all other sites it is possible to register a standard license, which is suitable for foreign businesses that plan to enter the Chinese market.


China has a lot of agencies that provide consulting services and help in preparation and presentation of documents for obtaining an ICP license. The easiest and fastest way to obtain an ICP license in China is via a Chinese host, which usually provides integrated services, including filing of documents for registration of the ICP. Among the key documents are information about the representatives of a Chinese company and statutory documents that are sent to the Ministry of Industry and Information. The processing of documents for a standard license takes up to 30 days and, in the event of a positive decision, the Ministry assigns an identifier to the website and logs it in the registry.

Obtaining an ICP license will not be a problem for you

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