ICO, like all of crowd-funding, is the most advanced form of investment where projects are supported by faith in the product and capital of its future consumers. Pronounced potential, a structural development plan, an understandable and clear model of the end product or service, allow future shareholders to see profits and a quick return on their investment, and allow the project to create a unique breakthrough technology, which will become more innovational than and superior to any previous one in existence.

Crowd-funding is the same groundbreaking technology that instead of running around various investment funds in search of the perfect business angel offers an opportunity to attract the necessary funds at the expense of high-quality, packaged, clearly described idea and an ability to reach a massive audience.

As part of our promotion campaign, we cover major Asian destinations - China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Mass media

Publications about your project on relevant Web resources

  • News and general information portals with high traffic and reach over 1KK
  • Thematic forums with an ability to create and maintain personal branches with the BTT format
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain resources with target audience

Social Media

Administration and promotion in social networks and messengers - WeChat, WeiBo, KakaoTalk, Line

  • Establishment of official accounts and subscription accounts
  • Bulk posts and processing of incoming requests on a daily basis
  • Filling groups using targeted mailouts
  • 24-hour support
  • Outstaffing


Opinion leaders will talk about your project

  • Native posts from popular theme bloggers with an established audience
  • Promotion in streaming services and local video hosting services (Youku, Tudou, Tencent Video, YouTube)


Organization, holding trade fairs and conferences

  • Closed meetups and meetings with potential investors
  • Pitching at thematic conferences
  • Organization of exhibition stands
  • Other interactive elements


Creating infrastructure Adaptation

Professional translation and full localization of your project

  • Multipage sites / landing pages
  • Key documents: WP /OP / investment prospects

Registration of a personal account in social networks and thematic forums

  • Profile registration
  • Content management

Posting of contact information

  • Links and QR codes for your personal accounts in local social networks and messengers
  • Links to thematic forums

Lead generation

We select only the most effective promotion channels, we write articles that sell your project, and we publish them on thematic resources with the greatest coverage for your target audience. Each article contains:

a Direct links to pages of your project (already adapted for the correct coverage region)

b Direct links or QR codes on the official accounts of your project in the local social networks and messengers.

Analytics and reporting

Each link in an article published on the thematic resource contains UTM tags that rate the number of instances of direct navigation to your project site. Inbound traffic processing is done using the analytics counters from Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics embedded on your site.

Help desk

Potential holders of your tokens need to see activity on the part of the project, in which they invest. The ability to receive news on a regular basis in an accessible language is your advantage and an extra incentive for the investor to make the first and main step - invest in your ICO project.


Integrated services for blockchain projects at the crowdfunding stage

  • Translation into Chinese — we translate landing pages, prospectuses, WPs, OPs, and other key documents

  • Infrastructure — we register and promote your business in WeChat, WeiBo, and KakaoTalk

  • Community management — we create and manage threads and posts in forums, blogs, and social networks

  • KOLs — reviews from opinion leaders, publications from reputable bloggers

  • Mass media — publications on major thematic resources, press releases, PR mailshots

  • Support — we process incoming user requests and comments

Working with Asia Pacific team, you get:

Internet marketing experts in China


Dedicated Chinese-speaking project manager


Reliable and clear online reporting

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