Work with local press and media, selection of relevant Web resources, OOH marketing


We study your project, conduct analytics, and build an individual strategy to prepare a comprehensive PR campaign that includes localization and adaptation of the project, as well as creation of infrastructure and promotion on Chinese social networks. We pay special attention to the Chinese press and media.

Proceeding from the specifics of your project, including the results of the market analysis of competitors and other factors, we choose Web resources that meet the project theme, then prepare selling articles and agree on placements with the publishers.

Our ultimate goal is the largest target audience. The number of views and eventual viewer transitions to the page of your project directly depend on placement. Our articles and banners are published on the home page or in the relevant section; thus, they draw the attention of most visitors.

We only work with major media and publishers. Therefore, monthly traffic can amount to reaching tens of millions of people.

The pervasive Chinese censorship that extends to the entire Internet space of mainland China will not be a barrier for you. We independently prepare materials that meet the requirements of the administration of web resources.


China’s Internet space is rich in thematic forums with a lot of activity. We create branches, prepare from scratch and broadcast already existing content, localized and adapted to the perception of the Chinese audience, and process incoming requests and user comments. The largest Chinese information portals with traffic of hundreds of millions of visitors, such as and, have their own internal forums, with dozens of themed sections. Thanks to this coverage, we increase the indexation of your project in the largest search results in China.


We monitor and track new trends and hype, flash happenings and challenges - all that can be used for situational marketing. Live interactive elements allow users to get more acquainted with your product or service and, ultimately, to achieve the desired performance.



We prepare selling articles, localize and adapt them to work best for the Chinese audience.


We create and distribute relevant content, process incoming requests and user comments.


We create a thematic database of Web resources with the most effective target audience and we publish materials in the most visited online locations.


Published materials always contains the UTM-tags. We set up the counters of Yandex and Google metrics and provide you with access to analytics, which will help you track the effectiveness of your publications and the overall amount of views.

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