Krutitcy Airfield is a unique place in the Ryazan region. People come to Krutitcy not only for parachuting – the airfield offers a range of services: from wind tunnel flying and combat weapon shooting to AAF training under the USPA license.


1. Development of website for the Chinese audience

- Designing the website adapted to the Chinese market

- Developing the menu structure

- Full localization and translation into Chinese

- Connecting to a Hong Kong hosting provider and purchasing a domain in the zone

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2. WeChat business account registration to the Customer's legal entity.


- Content writing and adaptation in Chinese

- Support service in Chinese

- Promotion via dedicated groups in WeChat

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3. Weibo official page registration and verification.


- Content writing and adaptation in Chinese

- Community management

- Promotion

- Support service in Chinese

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4. Baidu Ads contextual advertising.


- Account registration to the Customer's legal entity

- Launch and maintenance of contextual advertising in Baidu Ads

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5. Publication of feedback on Zhihu, the Q&A platform

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