End-to-end services for Internet marketing. We can brainstorm ideas and offer complete solutions. We can adapt for and promote your brand in the Middle Kingdom.


Involvement in the product and complete immersion in the project are the basic principles that we follow to achieve the desired result. We can boost media indicators through segmented communications channels, including both integrated and non-standard ones. We create unique and interesting content that does not impose a product on the audience, but, on the contrary, involves the target audience in it so that people talk about it.

We have online channels covered

We write press releases, develop and promote communities, work with opinion leaders, create video content, and much more.

We also have the offline space covered

OOH marketing includes print advertising, outdoor banners in the right places, and opportunities for live interaction where people can experience the product.


We emphasize an individual approach to the client. We hold briefings, research the market of a specific industry, and provide general analytics. Thus, you can receive an objective assessment of the scalability of your business already at the initial stage of contact, which will allow you to make the right decision.

Just like you, we are equally focused on results, so we develop a workflow that is first and foremost as transparent and clear as possible.

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